Phillies Phanatic ice cream hat appearing at Citizens Bank Park for a short time

Philadelphia Phillies

Phillies fans were abuzz this weekend celebrating three big wins from MLB’s best team. But that wasn’t the only thing getting fans excited at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies rolled out a new green and white ice cream helmet featuring the Phillie Phanatic, replacing the standard red and blue helmet and leaving fans wondering how they can get their hands on one.

The plastic helmet, which doubles as a bowl, made its debut during this weekend’s homestand against the Giants at select ice cream stands. It will be available at every ice cream vendor at the park during the Phillies’ next homestand — May 15-23 against the Mets, Nationals, and Rangers. The Phillies play a quick two-game home series against the Blue Jays on Tuesday and Wednesday before heading back out on the road for a week.

This isn’t the first iteration of a Phanatic ice cream helmet. In 2021, the Phillies released a Phanatic-themed helmet that was green and featured the Phanatic’s eyes. The 2024 helmet, unlike the 2021 version, is in the style of a traditional baseball cap.

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The Phillies appear to be leaning into Phanatic merchandise in 2024. They started the year by releasing a batting practice cap with the Phanatic on the front, which they wore in-game on April 21 for the Phanatic’s birthday celebration.

If you like the new ice cream helmet, get down to Citizens Bank Park quickly. The Phillies confirmed to The Inquirer that the Phanatic helmets will be phased out in late June and replaced by a retro baby blue and maroon helmet for the summer.

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