Statcast standout players in each category

Staff report

By The best baseball players in the world thrill us on a daily basis with their incredible skills. And through the use of Google Cloud technology, Statcast provides us with never-before-seen ways to highlight, quantify and appreciate everything that these MLB stars do on the field. The five tools […]

Vera Clemente Roberto Clemente special bond

Staff report

By The final months of Vera Clemente’s life were filled with beautiful images and vivid dreams. Her husband, Roberto Clemente, was a constant presence in these visions, she would tell others. He’d pick her up in a brand-new Cadillac and they would drive around Puerto Rico, just like the […]

Juan Soto Isn’t Having a Juan Soto Year

Jay Jaffe

Jay Jaffe Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports The Josh Hader trade isn’t the only deadline deal that has yielded less-than-rewarding results thus far for the Padres. Juan Soto hasn’t been as bad as Hader at his worst (the closer has lately righted the ship), but after a good start for […]

Another Aaron Judge Milestone Homer Update

Staff report © Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports Sheesh. It’s been exactly one game since our last update on Aaron Judge’s pursuit of hitting 60, 61, and 62 home runs. At that point, Judge seemed more likely than not to eclipse Roger Maris‘ 61-homer mark, though only marginally. But after two home […]

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