Logan Gilbert Keeps On Tinkering

Jake Mailhot

Jake Mailhot blogs.fangraphs.com Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports Some pitchers approach their craft by trying to hone their established pitch repertoire to make the most of what they’ve always thrown. Then there’s Logan Gilbert. Rather than stick with the pitches that were the foundation of his success in college and through […]

Baseball Belongs to the World

Jon Tayler

Jon Tayler blogs.fangraphs.com Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports By its very definition, the World Baseball Classic is a global baseball tournament; it’s right there in the name after all. It also feels obvious: Japan won the WBC for the third time, led by the best player on the earth, with a […]

2023 Positional Power Rankings: Shortstop

Ben Clemens

Ben Clemens blogs.fangraphs.com Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports Earlier today, Davy Andrews gave an accounting of the league’s third basemen. Now we turn our attention to the shortstops. So, so deep. That’s true of the Mariana Trench, which extends some 36,000 feet below sea level, and also of the shortstop […]

2023 Positional Power Rankings: Third Base

Davy Andrews

Davy Andrews blogs.fangraphs.com Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports Yesterday, Jay Jaffe and Leo Morgenstern examined the state of first and second base. Today, we wrap up the infield positions, starting with a look at third base. Third base has featured some truly top-tier stars in their prime for a while now. […]