Sal Bando (1944-2023) and a Missed Date for Cooperstown

Jay Jaffe

Jay Jaffe Darryl Norenberg-USA TODAY Sports Third basemen have been underrepresented within the Hall of Fame since the institution’s inception, but one of the greats finally gained entry last week, when the BBWAA elected Scott Rolen in his sixth year of eligibility. Four days before the Hall called Rolen’s […]

Sliding Headfirst: Jaime Barría and the First-Pitch Slider

Chris Gilligan

Chris Gilligan Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports Since early in our history, FanGraphs has been tracking pitch type linear weights, or pitch values organized by pitch type, based on both Baseball Info Solutions and PITCHf/x pitch type data. While metrics like wRAA and wRC+ look at run generation through the […]

Vinnie Pasquantino Talks Hitting | FanGraphs Baseball

David Laurila

David Laurila Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports Vinnie Pasquantino is fast developing a reputation as a media-friendly player who can be counted on to provide fun quips on a variety subjects, both in print and on podcasts. Entertaining and engaging, the 25-year-old first baseman is already a fan favorite in […]