/ESPN’s Kevin Negandhi answers Pat Riley’s pushup challenge

ESPN’s Kevin Negandhi answers Pat Riley’s pushup challenge

You knew it was a matter of when, not if.

After Pat Riley told reporters he planned to stay in charge of the Miami Heat in part because, at age 77, he can still “do more pushups than you right now,” it was inevitable that a media member would take him up on the challenge.

The person for the job? ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor Kevin Negandhi, who got up on the desk and banged out pushups as the news and highlights program reached its conclusion on Monday.

Negandhi completed about 19 pushups — instant replay reveals that his co-host Elle Duncan actually shortchanged him by one while she was accounting — and was still going strong as the show went dark.

Thus, we don’t know how many pushups Negandhi could actually complete in one session, but the bigger mystery remains how many Riley could accomplish.

Kevin Negandhi answered Pat Riley's pushup challenge.
Kevin Negandhi answered Pat Riley’s pushup challenge.

Where would you set the over/under for Riley?