Steven Kwan hit on head chasing foul ball

Mandy Bell

By Mandy Bell

CLEVELAND — Guardians left fielder Steven Kwan has made his fair share of impressive plays in foul territory over the last few weeks, but none have ended like his attempt on Friday night.

In the series opener against the Twins at Progressive Field, Kwan attempted to make a catch on a Nick Gordon fly ball down the left-field line. As the ball was plummeting down toward the ground, it hit against the net, which immediately ruled it out of play, eliminating Kwan’s chances of recording an out.

That’s when Kwan gave up on making the play. He brought his gaze down toward the crowd and was no longer watching the ball. Unexpectedly, the ball landed right on top of his head and bounced a few feet away.

Without flinching, Kwan immediately reacted as if he was a bobblehead that was just nudged, shaking his head slightly in each direction. But the rookie didn’t budge or show any signs of pain as he walked back to his position with a slight smirk on his face from the unusual circumstance.

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