Aaron Judge high fives shocked fan after home run

Staff report

It might be a few days before this fan washes her left hand. Heck, that hand might even be worth something some day (probably not as much as this Mickey Mantle rookie card).

After hitting his 57th home run of the season on Tuesday at Fenway Park — his second long ball of the night, getting him ever closer to Roger Maris’ AL record of 61 — Aaron Judge rounded the bases and greeted his team in the visitors’ dugout with his customary euro step celebration. But as he came down the dugout steps, he noticed a stray hand and instinctively high-fived it.

That hand happened to belong to an ecstatic fan who was filming the moment (with her other hand, of course) and promptly turned to her friend with a look of disbelief on her face. And all of it was caught on tape!

It was hard to know whether Judge even knew he was high-fiving the fan. A close look at the moment shows he had his head turned into the dugout and was high-fiving manager Aaron Boone at the same time with his other hand. Maybe he thought there was just another teammate on the chain of high fives and he didn’t want to leave anyone out. Or maybe he knew exactly what he was doing. 

Either way, he gave the front-row fan a moment she’ll never forget and a video she can return to many times over.


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